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Meeting The CQC & NHSLA Standards

‘The external auditor deemed the procedures, methods and implementation of the standards with regards to Medical Devices Management (MDM) as “Exceptional” and the best she had ever seen in her 6 years with the NHSLA’.

Sue Manthorpe, Deputy Director Occupational Health and Safety, The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust.
EBME Ltd. project commenced 29th September 2008, NHSLA visited 18th December 2008.

Medical devices management

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has standards to which all Trusts must be able to evidence compliance. The National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA) has risk management standards which, when attained, can improve patient care and reduce risks of litigation resulting from clinical incidents which are associated with the acquisition and use of medical devices.
The CQC’s standard for medical device management will be ‘Outcome 11’ regulation 16 – safety, availability and suitability of equipment.

Their approach has been to scrutinise compliance with these standards by carrying out ‘litmus’ tests. The NHSLA is also auditing medical devices management, concentrating on ‘safe environment’ and ‘competent and capable workforce’.

EBME Ltd. has expertise in the area of medical device management developed over many years. They can design and implement a robust medical device policy and assist Trusts to use it in a strategic manner, to improve management and compliance with the relevant standards. EBME Ltd. is already successfully delivering this service in the healthcare environment, and can tailor a 6 month package to the needs of your Trust.