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Quality Management Services - ISO 9001:2008

Quality system implementation

EBME Ltd can assist you to implement your quality management system. We can provide you with the following services tailored to your requirements:

  • Quality manual / policy development
  • Procedures / processes implementation
  • Setting of objectives through analysis of your measurable activity
  • Auditing of your system procedures
  • Training your EBME staff to understand your system


Quality Management Systems are processes, sequences and interactions plus any resources which can be used to efficiently manage an EBME department. By monitoring, measuring and analysing, controls can be put into operation throughout the system to ensure a high level of performance and service provision.

EBME Ltd have implemented, and currently run, successful Quality Management Systems to ensure that our customers receive high standards of medical device management.

Quality Management systems attract key benefits to EBME departments in terms of management control, reporting, measurable objectives and consistent quality of service delivery.

Quality Management Systems are based on continual improvements