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Our Vision and Values

Our Core Purpose

The core purpose of the company is to assist the healthcare sector in the proactive pursuit of an ongoing equipment management strategy, linking it to the standards required by clinical governance and to the Care Quality Commission regulations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of our field in the UK health sector:  we will be respected in the market place, inspire loyalty in our staff and add value to our clients.  Our clients will choose us to work with them because of our absolute commitment to adding value, partnership working and innovation.  We will be set apart by the determination, commitment, motivation and ability of our staff.

Our Values


We work as a team for, and with, each other; putting the client first. We are dedicated to achieving the highest quality for ourselves and for our clients. We challenge, encourage creativity and focus on innovative solutions.  We are ethical and will only do work consistent with our core purpose.

Our Future

We are a sustainable business which will continue to grow because the market opportunities are significant and because we are able to deliver high quality services that address the regulatory and cost improvement (QUIP) agenda.

Our People

EBME has grown steadily since it was founded in 1999 and now employs a number of highly qualified professionals with managerial, technical, operational and clinical backgrounds.  Our diverse team combines extensive experience of the health sector with commercial and business expertise, enabling us to apply a rich blend of experience and insight that provides real added value for our clients.
What brings us together is a shared passion for promoting best practice and value in medical equipment management; and a mutual interest in creating a work place that is fun, challenging and always interesting.
We recruit and develop top calibre people and are proud of the fact that all our staff not only offer clients a high standard of technical expertise, but do so in a truly supportive and collaborative style, often in difficult circumstances.  Clients enjoy working with EBME; we see clients as partners in a shared process of growth and improvement, where we can support, challenge and enable.  In turn, our people view their work as truly rewarding.