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About Us

Who we are

EBME was formed in 1999, and provides services to both the NHS and independent health and social sector in the United Kingdom.

EBME Ltd utilises highly developed systems for managing and maintaining medical devices, providing ongoing asset management, technical consultancy, cost control, cost reduction and performance management.

The focus of the company is to assist the healthcare sector in the proactive pursuit of an ongoing equipment management strategy, linking it to the Care Quality Commission regulations and the standards required by clinical governance.

What Drives Us

We have a genuine concern for the health and well-being of patients: we want to help ensure that the ever more complex technology used to care for patients is safe and effective.

To achieve this we want to take responsibility for influencing decisions and implementing practices that address the whole equipment lifecycle management of medical equipment.

Our Clients

Working with us

We are proud of the fact that many of our clients choose to use us as their preferred provider of medical devices management, maintenance, consultancy and training services.  It is something that we value highly and have worked hard to retain.

In all our work, clients tell us that we:

  • Understand the issues behind the issues - we know what it's really like, and we are good to work with.
  • Facilitate and support rather than direct or report - we really do help to implement beneficial change.
  • Are professional without being slaves to process - we fit our approach to client’s needs whilst providing challenge.
  • Always ensure robust and rigorous quality assurance.
  • Encourage and enable creativity, courage and a focus on innovative solutions - we help clients take and manage the     risk, rather than avoiding it.

Why we are different

We are independent from any manufacturer and are able to provide impartial advices and services across the health sector.

Through the website we have contributed to the profession of clinical engineering by providing a central information resource for thousands of Technicians and clinical engineers across the health sector.

We strongly believe we have been instrumental in raising the profile and standard of Medical Device Management in the UK by sharing best practice across a huge number of  NHS organisations.

Our business has been established on a model of  an “in house” EBME function. We are able to offer the most cost effective solutions to provide the management or maintenance function of an in house EBME Service. We do not compete with established Trust departments already operating at high standards  but focus on filling the gaps .